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FCG SIPU International; the Swedish Institute for Public Administration (SIPU) is a Swedish consultancy and training organisation specializing in capacity building and institutional development in transitional and developing coun­tries. We are one of Scandinavia's leading consultants in the area of public serv­ice development. SIPU has a long history of successful implementation of techni­cal assistance projects, with beneficiaries both in the public sphere and civil society. SIPU was established in 1979 as a Swedish Government agency providing training and consultancy services to the Swedish civil service.

In 1992, the institute was privatized and transformed into a company group owned by its senior staff. Since 2007 SIPU International forms part of the Finnish Consulting Group (FCG) owned by three institutions in Finland: the Association of Local Authorities, Helsinki University and Ministry of Finance.

Our clients include National, Regional, and Local Governments, Parliaments and non-governmental organisations, and the projects are commissioned by donor organisa­tions such as Sida, the World Bank, the European Union, the UN system, DIFD, NORAD  and other bilateral donors. We strive to form long-term partnerships with our clients and our consultants and are known for our high level of competency, quality of services and reliability.

As of 1 July 2010 SIPU International is offering training also in the Swedish domestic market. Through a merger of SIPU International and our Swedish sister company SIPU Förvaltningsutveckling, we have taken over the responsibility for an extensive training catalogue related to public service development. Almost 50 open training events are scheduled only in the autumn of 2010.  All training programmes, both national and international, are managed from our Training Programmes department.

SIPU International also has continuing good relations and cooperation with the Swedish Public Administration and Government Institutions at national, regional and municipal level. The company can furthermore draw upon the expertise of counterpart organisations in a number of countries around the world. It frequently engages in joint ventures and projects with both public service agencies and private companies working in developing and transitional countries.

Today SIPU employs 40 staff in headquarters and another 50 in project offices abroad. We also have an extensive international network of experienced and senior short-term experts and partner organisations in all areas of public sector development and related fields. Currently operating in more than 20 countries, SIPU has lent its expertise to over 90 countries across the globe.

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