Growth Strategies / Private Sector

The long term goal of the Private Sector Growth Strategies Programme was to build capacity in the participants’ own organisations. This was a prerequisite to improving the business climate nationally, and to promoting sustainable economic growth. The Programme did targets key officials responsible for promoting private sector development.

Programme objectives

The overall aim: to contribute to the development of a vibrant and sustainable private sector, seeking to strengthen collaboration between the public and private sectors, for better functioning markets and improved integration in world trade.

The PSGS Programme was expected to provide:

 1) in-depth knowledge and skills on how to stimulate and promote private sector development,
2) capacity and knowledge to drive change in your own organisation to enhance its contribution to private sector development, and
3) capacity and tools to contribute to the development of a Common Action Plan for private sector development in your country. This plan will be developed together with participants in Sida’s linked Strategic Business Management (SBM) Programme 291B.

The long term goal is to build the capacity of your organisation to improve the business climate, and to promote sustainable economic growth in your country.

The PSGS Programme aims to develop your capacity to be a change agent in this process. It provides you with a unique opportunity for close collaboration with colleagues from other countries, to develop strong professional networks.

Organisational Action Plan and Action Plan for Private Sector Development

The Organisational Action Plan developed by YOU, the participant, is the core of the PSGS Programme. To secure the success of the project, it must be supported and implemented by all key stakeholders in your organisation.

As a PSGS participant, you will also work with people in the SBM Programme on developing and implementing an Action Plan for Private Sector Development in your country.

The PSGS Programme facilitates transfer of knowledge and skills: to enable and support you in developing your own Organisational Action Plan, and the Action Plan for Private Sector Development.

The training programme does not offer any financial support, apart from the programme itself.

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